When and how did CrossFit G6 begin?​​

About Us!

Humble Beginnings....

CrossFit G6 originally opened it's doors in the late summer of 2012 in a poorly insulated 3000 square foot warehouse in Arlington with a small amount of equipment and just a couple of coaches.  But they had a simple mission - CHANGE LIVES. In its original form CrossFit G6 did just that and helped change many lives all the way from summer of 2012 until the end of 2013.  However - due to some extenuating circumstances a change was coming to our beloved


A New Start....

CrossFit G6 was sold to Justin & Toni Sibley who originally started as members in May of 2013.  The new CrossFit G6 "reopened" January 1st of 2014 with approximately 40 members including coaches.  No classes were ever cancelled and the members and coaches were great during the transition period!

Since then CrossFit G6 has blossomed into a wonderful community of family & friends who's # 1 goal is to change peoples lives through the power of proper Nutrition & Fitness.  We are a tight knit community and you can often catch our folks hanging out after they get done with their workout - joking around and rooting on the next class.  Sometimes we have to literally kick people out of the gym at the end of the night!  G6 is where people want to be!

The Next Chapter...

In March of 2016 G6 moved into a huge new space totaling nearly 7000 square feet.  We have spent significant time & resources since then turning our space into what we feel is one of the most amazing Fitness facilities in the area!  But we aren't done yet!  We still have big plans for 2019 and beyond to continue developing our space and adding amenities as often as possible!  

Breath of fresh air...

Corey Stanberry came on as Co-Owner in December of 2016 and brought his amazing passion, knowledge, & experience into CrossFit G6.  We could not be more excited for the future!

Do yourself a favor and come be apart of something special in a place that actually knows your name when you walk in our door!

We'd love to have you join our community!

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