What makes G6 different than a regular gym?


G6 is more than a gym.  We are a community that strives to be the best that we can be in all areas of life.  If you get a membership to a Globo Gym (doesn't matter which one) you are buying access to equipment along with thousands of other people.  Once you get to the gym you are on your own unless you get a personal trainer ($50-$150 per hour).  Sure, most gym have group classes now but which class should you take?  How often should I go? Am I doing enough strength training in order to tone up?  Do they offer the class you like at a convenient time for you?

G6's main business is one thing.  60 Minute Group CrossFit Classes.  Our program makes it easy to get results.  All you have to do is show up 4-6 times per week, work hard, eat smart (we can help here as well), and the results will come.  Our classes are coach led for the entire hour.  We also cap our classes at 15 people so you will not be "lost in the crowd".  No guess work, no what should I do today, no staring at your phone while you pretend to workout.  We put in work!  Our program is planned out weeks in advance and we provide options for people of all fitness backgrounds.  If you have never worked out in your life, that's ok.  We will teach you.  If you were a college athlete that is looking for what to do next, we will push you!  If you are looking for a cheap workout or a shortcut to fitness, we can't help you.  If you are looking to change your life, become part of a community, and are willing to bust your tail to get better everyday with people cheering you on and pushing you then I bet we can help!